hawaii weddings

Hawaii weddings

Not everyone wants a white wedding, and there are definite advantages to a Hawaii wedding, not the least of which is the easy transition into a Hawaii honeymoon. Aside from that, Hawaii has great weather year round and a beautiful tropical landscape that makes a wedding a truly wonderful experience. Some people argue that a Hawaii wedding isn’t a traditional wedding. They tend to be held outside on the beach after all, and some of the tension people expect is missing. However, Hawaii weddings have been around for a long time, and it is definitely a valid choice.

What Island?

There’s no such thing as a bad island for Hawaii weddings. Every island in Hawaii is gorgeous. Oahu offers the Royal Hawaiian luxury hotel, the diamond head volcanic cone mountain formation, the beautiful and stunning Waikiki Beach, and Honolulu, Hawaii’s state capital.

Maui is often considered the most romantic island of Hawaii. There are a number of prominent luxury hotels in Hawaii to stay at, and some of the best beaches you will ever witness. Hana highway also offers a scenic drive along Hawaii’s great cliffs.

If you are interested in a backdrop of natural beauty, Kauai is the greenest island in Hawaii with the nickname “the garden isle.” Kauai is probably best known for the backdrop used in films that need a primordial jungle in the background, because that’s mostly what it consists of.

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Hawaii wedding

The time of year is not particularly important for weddings in Hawaii due to the consistent tropical weather in the area. Basically every day in Hawaii is warm and sunny. Summer is warmer than winter even in Hawaii though, so if you have a preference you might take that into consideration.

Come Rain or Shine:

There’s still a chance of rain, but that’s the most you really have to look out for, and even that isn’t much of a concern for Hawaii. Hawaii rains come mostly in short spurts, and a Hawaii rainbow is a beautiful thing to get to see on your wedding day. Temperatures vary little and are mostly in the seventies and eighties.

If you’re adamantly anti-rain, there is a strategy that can help you to avoid being rained out. Due to the way trade winds blow and due to Hawaii’s rock formations, the southwestern portions of the islands don’t see rain as often. So if you want to avoid rain, it can help to plan your wedding in a geographically strategic location.

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weddings in Hawaii

The biggest problem with a wedding in Hawaii is really that you don’t live in Hawaii. That is to say, you have to plan from afar. The normal solution to that problem is to hire a consultant to help you plan your wedding. The consultant can negotiate for you and set up locations, sign paperwork, help you with licensing, and do all kinds of other legwork so that you don’t have to travel before your actual wedding date. It’s a good idea to find a consultant with experience working on your preferred island, as that consultant is likely to have more pull and be more capable of helping you obtain the wedding of your dreams.

If you get married at a luxury hotel also consider approaching that hotel’s wedding expert. Wedding experts are on staff for precisely these sorts of situations so they can be a huge help.

How will you be Married?

Just like in the states, you can have any kind of marriage you’d like in Hawaii. It’s entirely possible for you or your consultant to find churches of any size to perform the service if you would like to go that route. If you decide to stay at a luxury hotel you may be able to acquire the use of its ballroom for the ceremony, or you may decide to rent out a ballroom at another hotel. Alternatively, beach side weddings are not at all uncommon in Hawaii if that sounds appealing. Some people go for more exotic backgrounds: volcanoes, waterfalls, etc. It may be a bit messier, but it’s entirely possible.

hawaii wedding packages

So if you are wondering what kind of wedding you could have in Hawaii, the answer is whatever you and your spouse would prefer. Naturally it goes without saying that if a Hawaii themed wedding is what you are after, there are plenty of companies out there to provide it. In fact, whatever consultant you decide to go with will most likely have a Hawaii themed package on hand.

The easiest things you can do to give your wedding an authentic Hawaiian feel are Hawaiian themed musicians (and there are plenty who cater specifically to these kinds of weddings), Hawaiian food, and a lei exchanging ceremony as part of the wedding ceremony. The lei ceremony is actually so prominent in Hawaiian weddings that you may need to mention if you’d prefer not to have one.

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The Guest List:

A wedding in Hawaii has a certain amount of awe to it, and chances are people are going to want to come. However, just because people want to go, doesn’t necessarily mean that they will be able to make the trip. For some people this may be a little disappointing, but if you wanted an intimate wedding, a Hawaiian wedding is very likely to be one. People are more understanding of being left off the guest list for a travel wedding, so you only need to invite the people you want.

Hawaii honeymoon packages

A Hawaiian honeymoon is nothing short of a good decision and more than justification for a wedding in Hawaii. You can be adventurous and explore the jungles of Kauai together, or just lounge around on a resort by the sea, taking in the atmosphere so coolly.

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More than just a vacation, a Hawaii honeymoon is truly a romantic getaway. Hawaii is a romantic place, and there are plenty of companies out there with strong honeymoon packages for the newlyweds who want everything ready before they exchange their vows. One advantage of a wedding in Hawaii is that even if your relatives stick around after the fact, you can easily have time to yourself just by sailing away to another shoreline.