The Wonders of the Hawaii Islands

The Wonders of the Hawaii Islands

Hawaii consists of eight islands: Niihau, Kahoolawe, Kauai, Oahu, Molokai, Lanai, Maui, and Hawaii Island. Each island has its own
unique culture, natural elements, and attractions. That is to say, Hawaii offers a smorgasbord of things to do and see for

Hawaii travel can itself be wonderful due to the majestic sights to see in and around the islands. Then there’s the cuisine. Hawaii
has some of the best fish and seafood you will ever eat, all freshly caught and never frozen.

Many cruise lines offer all inclusive Hawaii packages. These packages may take you to a few islands or to all eight. Alcohol may or may not be included. These can be a good choice for people who don’t want to worry much about money once they’re actually on the
vacation. However, the trick with all inclusive packages is to give yourself enough play to do things outside of the package if you
happen to find something you’re really interested in.

Most all inclusive will have a great deal of touring, and less time to run around and explore. There’s a lot to be said about both
approaches to the Hawaii experience. Hawaii tours tend to focus on celebrations such as luaus, parades, etc. However, there are
multiple kinds of packages and multiple kinds of tours, so you should be able to find something for you, whether you’re looking for
history, leisure, activities, or something in between.

Just make sure that your package is what you’re looking for. If you’re not sure what you want out of the trip yet, you may want to
pick a less all-inclusive solution that gives you the chance to make decisions on the fly. It may pay to do a little bit of
research first when it comes to Hawaii. There’s more you could ever see in a single trip, and that means there’s a lot to miss. Not
that you have to see everything to leave feeling like you’ve seen everything there was to see on your first stay. If you head to
Hawaii once, chances are you’re going to want to come back.

Hawaii weddings are a big part of tourism in the region, and if you are coming to Hawaii for a luau wedding, it’s a good idea to
take a look at some Hawaii honeymoon packages as well. A Hawaii wedding will be a memory you will take with you forever, so you
definitely don’t want it spoiled with regret when a friend tells you about the enchanted honeymoon they went on after. If you’re
ideal union involves a walk on the beach watching the sunset then you probably can’t do much better than a Hawaii wedding.

Hawaii is known for its bed and breakfast services. Hawaii inns vary widely from cozy romantic little hole in the walls to more
elaborate family-oriented dens. Some of these Hawaiian inns have historic significance, whereas others have priceless views of the
ocean. A few have both. Many Hawaiian locals open their homes to tourists as inns, and becoming a patron of this practice can give
you stories to tell your friends and family for years to come.

There are also three Hawaii holidays you may want to keep in mind. Prince Jonah Kuhio Day (or just Kuhio day, as the locals call
it) is celebrated each year on March 26th with a parade in Oahu. The entire state is filled with canoe races and luaus for the day.
The second holiday is King Kamehameha day. This day is celebrated with a huge ceremony, luaus, parades, and music festivals. It
falls during the first week of May each year as does Boy’s Day, Girl’s Day, and May Day.

In other words, the first week of May is a great time to head out to Hawaii as the entire state is in extended celebration. The
third holiday, Admissions day, celebrates Hawaii’s statehood, but is not nearly as celebrated. It’s also important to keep the big
three holidays in mind because banks will be closed on those days. There’s also a big celebration for Chinese New Year every year
so keep that in mind as well.

If you’re planning to stay in Hawaii for more than a day or two you might want to take a look into Maui vacation rentals. Maui has
a number of vacation homes, both in the city and closer the beach, which can put you right in the action, while also letting you
take a day or two to yourself without anyone disturbing you. This can be a great way to take in the peace and beauty of Hawaii.
Waking up each day when you feel like getting up, walking down to the café for a sweet glass of pineapple juice or a pina colada
before going for a swim and starting the day’s activities.

Speaking of activities, there is plenty to do for all types. Golf is a big part of Hawaii if that’s your cup of tea. Surfers will instantly feel at home among the huge surfing scene. If you’ve never surfed before, though you’ll never find a more perfect place to start. You’ll never find a better place to learn, as surfing classes are available any day of the week by teachers who have been surfing since they were children.

You would expect no end of museums, beaches, rivers, and canyons in Hawaii, and it delivers. But perhaps more impressive are the
animals. There are plenty of resorts and four wheel drive adventures to be had amongst the thriving animal life in the less
populous regions of the islands. And those who are more into the aquatic style of wildlife will have a blast with the many spots
for fishing, snorkeling, and scuba diving. Animal lovers will also get a kick out of whale and dolphin watching, and your kids will
love flying dragon kites, a big state past time.

There are a number of volcanoes in Hawaii – the islands were forged out of volcanic rock after all – and some of those volcanoes
are still active, three to be exact. If the idea of visiting a real, active volcano lights your fire, try visiting the Hawaii
volcanoes national park.

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